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Our next weekly class

How to be a Winner at Life 4: Fear and Anxiety

When we think of fear or anxiety, we envision a debilitating — almost paralyzing — emotion that we feel when we’re threatened physically or emotionally.
But at the same time, we actually PAY MONEY to watch thrillers and ride roller coasters!
What is fear? What is anxiety? How do they work? How do we cope when they debilitate us? And how can we harness their power?
Join us next week as we learn to harness these powers.

How to be a Winner at Life 4: Fear and Anxiety 

Tuesday, 30 July at 8PM
Aish Australia
46 Balaclava Road, St Kilda East
VIC 3138, Australia

Our recent social event

New Year’s Day Pool Catch Up  Last Monday, 1st January 2024, Aish went out to the Inkerman Hotel for some beer and pool fun. A great way to kick off 2024 with this lovely catch up over 🍻🎱 Expect many more gatherings to come this year 🎉


If you want to build a life you love, you’ve come to the right place!
Aish inspires young Jewish adults to live a more purposeful life and develop more vibrant and lasting relationships, based on 3500 years of practical Jewish wisdom.
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Meet the team

Rabbi Andrew Saffer

Rabbi Andrew Saffer went to Scopus and Monash, anticipating a career in Internet Law at the same commercial law firm as his many cousins. A six-week Jerusalem Fellowship summer trip to Israel changed that.

Six weeks at Aish Jerusalem turned into six years, and (while moonlighting as a graphic designer and events photographer — he shot Margaret Thatcher!), Andrew became a rabbi. He met his wife, Rachelle (also from Melbourne) in Jerusalem the very next day.

They married, moved back to Australia, and now share five spectacular children. Andrew spends his spare time listening to the same music your parents did and making excruciating Dad jokes. Contact Andrew

Rabbi Jon Neumann

Rabbi Jon Neumann grew up in Melbourne, went to school and university for a bit before deciding that working in Consulting and IT was more fun.

After maxing out his corporate life, Jon moved to Israel, and spent seven years learning at Aish Jerusalem and working to expand Aish’s international outreach efforts. In 2006, Jon moved back to Melbourne to join Aish Australia and help share the wisdom of Torah with the local community.

Jon has four amazing children who specialise in coming up with new schemes to ensure their parents don’t have too much free time on their hands. Contact Jon

Rachelle Saffer

Rachelle Saffer went to Beth Rivkah and Lauriston, planning to study Psychology.  After Year 12, she too went on a Jerusalem Fellowship program to Israel — and stayed. She studied at the Neve Yerushalayim seminary, and while leading a Jerusalem Fellowship herself, she met Andrew. They were married soon after.

Rachelle now divides her time between leading a team at Beth Rivkah’s creche, studying Education, and explaining her husband’s Dad jokes to people who don’t catch his classic rock and film references.

Judith Samuel

Judith Samuel was born in Israel but grew up in Sydney. After school, uni and a few years enjoying the view out of the KMPG offices, Judith moved to Melbourne in 2010. She was introduced to Aish shortly thereafter.

Much to Andrew’s delight, Judith assumed the role of Aish CFO in 2012, and she is still waiting for her ten-year-service gold watch to arrive.

Judith now spends her time reconciling transactions, baking cakes, walking along the bay, making constant Star Wars references, checking algebra homework, and trying to make her children laugh. Contact Judith

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